Cyber-Intelligence Centres and Platforms:

  • Strategy and Governance Planning
  • Cyber-Safeguards policies and controls
  • Trust mechanisms design and implementation
  • Operational Intelligence Platforming (people, processes and tools)
  • Intelligence and Incident Response Practices and Methods (analysis, reconnaissance, Incident Response)
  • Organizational Development

Cybersecurity Digital Architecture Design:

  • Multi-Cloud Security Design (SSO, CASB, IaaS, PaaS, SaaS)
  • Cloud Provider Security (ITSM, ITOM, CI/CD, SCM, API, CASB)
  • Cloud Security Standards - Cloud Security Alliance (CSA), NCSC Cloud Security Principles
  • Customer Experience Security (SOA, Digital First)
  • IoT and OT Security Architectures (NERC Critical Infrastructure Protection, IEC 62443)
  • Data Privacy and Data Protection (GDPR, UK Data Protection Act 2018)
  • Cloud Provider Risk Assessment and Compliance
  • Mobility and Digital Transformation Design (Zero Trust)

C.A.R.E – Cyber Risk Assessment and Management

  • Collaborate – we work with you to understand your business, context and regulatory environment, culture and ways of working
  • Assess – we identify and assess your information risks, informed by on-site visits to collect and inspect evidence
  • Report – we report our findings, conclusions and recommendations, usually in a staged approach to ensure the findings are understood and their importance is agreed
  • Evolve – a risk assessment should not be a one-off activity. We work with you to ensure recommendations can be implemented in an appropriate and cost-effective manner and to improve your cybersecurity profile over time.

Strategic Cybersecurity Consultancy

  • Cybersecurity Strategy
    • Review of Business Imperatives
      • Industry
      • Geo
      • Operating Model & Scale
      • Maturity
    • Investment Focus Review
      • Outcomes vs. Compliance
      • Outcomes vs. Tool Acquisition
      • Business needs vs. internal agendas
    • Business Readiness
      • Industry Vertical Capabilities (Industrial IoT for Manufacturing, National Defence)
      • Innovation and Digital Transformation (API Economy)
      • Rapid Response – ‘Big Red Button’ (Automation and Artificial Intelligence)
  • Critical National Infrastructure Assessment - NCSC Cyber Assessment Framework (CAF)
  • Network and Infrastructure Architectural Services
  • Application Security Review (Data Center rationalization, M&A, SecureDevOps)
  • Encryption Standards and Enterprise Design
  • GRC assessments, policy development and implementation
  • Vulnerability Management & Attack Surface minimisation strategies

Virtual CISO

The Virtual CISO service provides you with top quality advice and cross-industry experience without having to build an expensive in-house security team.

Cybersecurity is now a board priority. Boards must ensure relevant provisions are in place to manage and mitigate cyber-risk and meet regulatory obligations. Cyberspectre offers your Board value, by:

  • Using non-technical language – we focus on the big picture to support your organization’s overall strategic objectives
  • Being independent and objective – we are privately owned, vendor agnostic and do not sell third party product or services
  • Providing tailored C-suite level advice – our specialists excel at communicating at the board level, able to distil and clearly communicate what is important and why