Secure Your People

The scale and sophistication of threats and scams are increasing daily. The cost of digital negligence is disproportionate to the mistakes people make. How well prepared is your workforce?

The biggest digital transformation challenge organizations face today is people.

Your people are at constant risk – from scams and schemes to IP theft, ransom attempts, reputational risks and regulatory exposures. The cost of human failure is highly disproportionate. Bad actors only need one mistake to be made. Digital workforces need constant awareness and reinforcement.

Insider threat prevention means reviewing your systems and processes regularly to identify opportunities for bad actors to ‘game the system’ and to prevent possible collusion, fraud and theft. Poor practices and negligence introduce business risk such as Shadow IT. Using personal devices for business (BYoD) and ‘free’ cloud services for communications and collaboration can create huge security gaps. To manage this holistically, embed threat prevention practices into your everyday business operations.

Do you know:

  • How tech savvy your workforce is?
  • How actively they are being targeted?
  • How well your practices and policies are working?
  • If customer innovation is being stifled due to cybersecurity concerns?

Our ISMS (ISO27000) consulting services evaluate and makes recommendations for:

  • Process Reviews (Functional, System, Financial)
  • Staff on-boarding and off-boarding processes (role, function, authorizations)
  • Development and testing processes (SecureDevOps)
  • Security Controls (fitness for purpose)
  • Training and Awareness Programs