Secure Your Brand

Impersonation, hijacking, infiltration are all new online defense frontiers for your Brand. It negatively affects Cities, Nations, Industries and individual companies alike. How are you performing Brand forensics?

Brand security online is a new frontier. Active theft, impersonation, copying, misinformation and disinformation campaigns can confuse your customers and discredit your brand. These activities can have a negative impact both directly and indirectly on your brand or campaigns. This can happen in any market segment, for example Cities (tourism, real estate), Countries (FDI), Industry Sectors (Smart Roadways, Energy), individual companies (product revenue) and Governments (immigration, vaccination drives).

The challenge is to actively protect your organization and respond when these events occur. Our clients want to know the current level of protection they have both internally and from external providers. What fight back mechanisms are available when their brand is being impersonated or copied. Knowing where the bad actors are located and what protections are offered in those jurisdictions is an essential part of securing your eCommerce, brand and intellectual property.

Do you know:

  • How easy is it to impersonate your brand online?
  • If your digital presence is secure (digital infrastructure)?
  • How to perform regular brand forensic scans?
  • Whether you are being actively targeted?
  • What counter measures can you use?

Our consulting services assess:

  • Brand Forensics (Worldwide and Darkweb scans)
  • Community Digital Infrastructure Resilience (IoT, SMETS Smart Roadways, Smart Government, Smart Energy)
  • Consumer Data Protection & Privacy (GDPR, UK Data Protection Act 2018)
  • Intellectual Property Protection Essentials