Intelligence by design: Strategic Cyber-Defence (Safeguards, Trust) and Operational Cyber-Intelligence (Vigilance and Reconnaissance)

A Cyber Intelligence Officer (CINO) needs the:

  • Business perspective of organizational cyber preparedness to make strategic decisions
  • Real-time context–rich intelligence to pin-point the ‘threat-scape’ (who, what, where, why, from whom and how much)
  • Ability to operationalize the intelligence to manage the risks

Your organization’s systems, processes and skills must be intentionally designed to gather and correlate intelligence. Otherwise, when an event occurs it takes too long for you to become aware, or it is too late to respond and recover.

Organizations engaging in digital commerce must be able to correctly anticipate and quantify cyber-risk to avoid hindering growth or exposure to unacceptable levels of risk. The cost of not managing cyber-risk can relegate industry leaders to oblivion as they contend with technology-led market disruptions such as AEVs, renewables and the sharing economy.

Our team has led the design and implementation of critical Cyber-Intelligence capabilities for the government agencies and large multi-nationals across North America and Europe.

Cyber-Intelligence Centre

Strategic Cyber-Defense



Operational Cyber-Intelligence


Digital Reconnaissance

Do you know:

  • Your current threat exposure in monetary terms?
  • How Cloud adoption impacts your risk posture?
  • How mature your trust mechanisms are?
  • How rapidly you can pin-point your ‘threat-scape’?
  • Your Risk Management capabilities? (operationalising intelligence: prioritization, quantification, response and recovery)
  • Your overall CyQ score?

Our consulting services evaluate and makes recommendations for:

  • Architecting for Next Generation Digital infrastructures (Iaas, PaaS, SaaS, Hybrid Infrastructures)
  • Strategic design and implementation of Trust mechanisms (API Economy)
  • Strategic planning and architectures for Customer Experience
  • Operational Cyber-Intelligence Platform Design and Implementation (ISMS: people, process, tools, S.O.A.R.)
  • Holistic Risk Management (IRAM, ISO31000, ISO27005)
  • Digital Reconnaissance (Practices, Methods, Training and Education)