Cyber-Intelligence Centres

Intelligence by design. Our team consists of NCSC Head Consultants from Stratia Cyber, one of the founding members of the NCSC Certified Cyber Security Consultancy Scheme. Discover our expertise in designing and building critical national infrastructure for Cyber-Intelligence.

We help our clients transform information into intelligence. To maximise your cybersecurity investment, information must have a high degree of context and be available when it is most needed:

Intelligence = Information + Context + Timeliness.

Security Operations Centres (SOCs) focus on identifying compromise indicators. However, to securely participate in the API Economy, organizations must move beyond this. Cyber-Intelligence Centres (CICs) harmonize your readiness across cybersecurity dimensions such as identity, access, authorization and assets.

Your organization must know who to trust, with what, where, when and how much. You need a cohesive view of internal systems and controls, 3rd party management and the ability to respond rapidly to events. Cyber-Intelligence Centers are designed to keep your organization ahead of the curve by continuously providing business impact insights for dynamic events and strategic decisions.

Do you know:

  • Your real-time business exposure to cyber threats?
  • Who the bad actors active in your markets are? (industry, geography, politics)
  • Who is actively targeting your organization and their possible motivations?
  • How much 3rd Party risk you have inherited?
  • If your organization has the right level of skills, tooling and processes for operational cyber-intelligence?

Our consulting services evaluate and makes recommendations for:

  • Intelligence-led operations (practices and methods)
  • Intelligence platform design (people, process and technology)
  • Intelligence gathering and analysis
  • Digital Business Maturity (Cybersecurity)
  • Organizational Design
  • Remediation and Implementation