Information + Context + Timeliness
= Cyber-Intelligence (CyQ)

How does your Cybersecurity team make your organization smarter, more resilient and more competitive in the market?
What is your CyQ score?

Cyber-Intelligence Centres (CIC)

Our team consists of NCSC Head Consultants from Stratia Cyber, one of the founding members of the UK NCSC Certified Cybersecurity Consultancy Scheme. Discover our expertise building critical national Cyber-Intelligence infrastructure.

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Secure Customer Experience

Customers expect seamless security, privacy and data protection. One mistake can mean years of rebuilding customer trust. How much do your customers trust you?

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Secure your People

The scale and sophistication of threats and scams increases daily. The cost of digital negligence is disproportionate to the mistakes people can make. How well prepared is your workforce?

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Secure your Digital Assets

Are you struggling with Cloud Sprawl and Shadow IT? How are you managing infrastructure protection and trust across your providers? Can you participate securely in the API Economy?

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Secure your Brand

Impersonation, hijacking and infiltration are the new online frontiers for your Brand – from cities to industries to organizations. How are you performing Brand forensics?

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Digital Reconnaissance ™

Most organizations focus on what they can see…not on threats that are hidden or waiting to be activated. Active threat reconnaissance is an art form. What is hiding in your systems?

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